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FOUNDED: October 18, 2014



• Mr. Shaune Adderely
• Mr. Jamiko Dean
• Mr. Juan Cartwright
• Mr. Philip Taylor
• Mr. Owen Stubbs
• Mr. Dwight Marshall
• Mr. Nathan Taylor
• Mr. Vito Russell
• Mr. Trevino Russell
• Mr. Devan Forbes
• Mr. Temeco Wallace
• Ms. Fernerin Hanna
• Ms. Vernique Mortimer



• Mr. Danny Stubbs
• Mr. Jerome "JJ" Johnson
• Mr. Alexander "Papa San" Dean
• Ms. Linda Stubbs



The coming into being of something; the origin.

Who were the Warhawks?

The name Warhawk is a term used in politics for someone favoring war in a debate over whether to go to war, or whether to continue or escalate an existing war.

The term originated in the run up to the War of 1812 where a group of American Democratic-Republican Congressman strongly advocated going to war against Britain for reasons related to the interference of the British Royal Navy in American Shipping. The Warhawks believed that this interference hurt the American economy and injured American prestige and way of life. These Warhawks, mostly from the Southern & Western Frontiers of America were so young that the other congressmen often called them “Boys”. Yet the “Boys” dominated Congress…

Why we chose the name Warhawks?

Behind the scenes in Junkanoo there has always been a constant battle between the youth the “Boys” and older members of poorly structured groups as to the overall timing and direction that they should be headed in into the future. The cry for a proper organizational structure, succession plan, transparent accounting practices, the institution of programs & committees geared towards assisting members in need and the community at large had fallen on deaf ears for a very long time… We decided that enough is enough! The time for talking has run it’s course and the time for action is at hand. We realized that if we wanted to see change, we had to become change… We had to become the voice of our generation in the arena of Junkanoo.

The Warhawk name was adopted based on the philosophical similarities between the experiences of the early War Hawks and ours. The appearance or resurgence of the Warhawks can be attributed to a generational shift. We share the same kindred spirits as the original War Hawks of the 19th century, most of whom were young congressmen sharing a desire for change.

The 'war' that we chose to fight however, was on the Junkanoo front, against the outdated system of 'group' as opposed to ‘organization’.

Organization offers the ability to take inventory, manage time, and maximize all of the resources available for any project. It provides its members the satisfaction of contributing to the overall vision in a way that they can feel appreciated, and their efforts acknowledged.

We realized that change happens as a result of effort. Junkanoo is the common thread that binds us together and it is the platform we choose to speak from in order to do our part to restore quality back into our people, our communities and ultimately our nation.

The 'Warhawk' title isn't just limited to members of our Junkanoo organization, but it extends to any member of any organization of any sector that is inspired to make a contribution in changing our nation. Our mantra is, "Community first, Junkanoo second". This movement was never about winning Junkanoo parades, it is, has been, and always will be about the CHANGE that this nation needs. Hence the name “Warhawks” seemed the most fitting title for us in our pursuit to change the status quo.