This Code of Conducts/Ethics details Genesis Junkanoo Organization’s guidelines for all members. GJO is committed to maintaining the highest quality character and developing a reputation that values honesty, integrity, respect and diversity. We strive to maintain a strong commitment of the highest ethical standards, at all times. GJO will use this document to guide us with our interactions with each other and the general public. All members of GJO must familiarize themselves with and are expected to be guided by this document.

Please keep in mind that this is NOT a comprehensive guide to all the ethical issues that members may face, but will be used as a basic guideline. We expect all members of GJO to use common sense and their best moral judgment in all situations, at all times. If at any time you are unsure or have a concern, please address your concerns to a member of The People’s Committee.

• GJO does not condone discrimination and /or harassment of any kind to its members and/or the general public.

• GJO does not tolerate verbal and/or physical abuse, including but not limited to threats, threatening behavior, harassment, intimidation, assaults and /or similar conduct.

• GJO will not tolerate the use of profanity within its membership and/ or the general public.

• GJO members will not distribute, possess and/or use illegal or unauthorized drugs and/or weapons. Nor will we condone the distribution and /or consumption of alcohol and/ or tobacco products to minors.

• GJO members agree to cooperate on whatever solution the team chooses, even if it is not my first choice.

• GJO members understand that when participating in a “rush” as a member of this organization, you are expected to be properly dressed, i.e. costume or GJO T-shirt and appropriate pants/shorts/leggings/skirt etc.

• As a member of GJO I understand and accept that I will be expected to contribute and participate in community service projects conducted by the organization.

I have read and fully understand the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Genesis Junkanoo Organization; and will, at all times make every effort to adhere to this code.

I understand my responsibility to this organization and further understand that violations against this may result in my dismissal from this organization.

I understand that my membership in this organization is a privilege.